We should be happy even if we have things to worry about ..

life as we know, passes by every moment. We are not going to be here forever. The issues that we face everyday are so menial that they are not even worth loosing our mind for. 99.9% of the fear is just in our head and it would never manifest in real life, yet we keep our mind engaged in that particular minuscule issue and ruin hours and days worrying about it.

Joy or misery are state of mind, they are experienced inside of us. Hence, we do have more control of it than we might think. Through meditation and routine discipline we could certainly mend our thinking patters and take a better control.

Due to passing of time it is must that we learn to take larger control of our experiences. Happiness is just a consequence.

Worry shall exist as long as we are alive. It is our conscious response to the worry that makes the whole difference.


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