This topic rather refers to the very innate nature of a being. With us being the Humans, we are more conscious of them than, possibly, other animals.

Truth remains that the temptations do affect almost all living beings.

For us there are so many avenues that can linger our temptation tongue for the longest times. We might sometimes even get so hungover by controlling our submissions to temptations that we end up giving up on trying and finally succumbing to what that temptation has to offer.

Instant gratification is achieved, succumbing to the temptations, guilt is the residue. The residue gets accumulated. At first the accrued guilt gives rise to the motivation to fight. Many people do get the benefit of this motivation and get better equipped to handle the next one. However, many keep accumulating residual guilt from other such temptations and finally get involved in the vicious cycle leading up to serious mental and physical conditions.

But as we humans are more conscious of these temptations, there are far greater control we can exercise. The major quality we can develop is to asses the temptations and the let the bad ones pass. Also, developing a habit of rewarding yourself as have earned to succumb to a temptation which at the end of it will only leave the positive happy residual feeling with you.

The power of being conscious around this would mean having to know that it is you who has the power of choice. The power of choice thus require you to contemplate, take a step back and think approach before saying a yes or even a no to a temptation.

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